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Material, characteristics, uses and other aspects of various fasteners


1. Socket

The materials chosen are POM (polyformaldehyde, commonly known as Saigang), PA and PC.

The insertion buckle is composed of the male buckle and the female buckle. The two ends of the buckle are sutured separately. The length of the ribbon is chosen according to different needs. It is generally used for shoulder and waist fixation. In order to play the role of buttons more effectively, there are more convenient and scientific buttons, such as the replacement of invisible buttons. This is a kind of insert that can be easily replaced without stitching the ribbon. The other is three-way buckle, i.e. "Y" type buckle, which is often used in baby carriage safety products. The mother buckle can design colour mark or LOGO according to customer's design and authorization, and can also choose electroplating, silk printing and colour painting.

2. hook

Its materials are POM, PA and PP.

Generally speaking, hooks, D buckles, press buckles, daily buckles, square buckles and ladder buckles are collectively called hooks. Usually, both hooks and D buckles are used at the same time. Japanese buckles play a role in adjusting the length of the ribbon. Ladder buckles are generally used at the end of the ribbon and play a major fixed role. The hooks can be plated, silk-printed and LOGO can be designed on the ladder buckles.

3. rope buckle

Its materials are generally PA, PP, PC and POM.

The diameter of the rope can be chosen as size, single hole and double hole. It is suitable for all kinds of OO rope, nylon rope and elastic rope. And can design LOGO according to customer's requirements.

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